Cleaning Out the Closets

I’ll never forget when I went to Carrie’s mom’s house for the first time. I distinctly remember Carrie telling me to be careful when I opened any kitchen cabinets, because her mom kept them very full. I assured her I would use extreme caution. Unfortunately, I forgot her warning, opened the pantry, and was brutally …

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Riots Unmask Health Experts’ Agenda

A letter, discussing the BLM and ANTIFA riots, signed by over 1,200 medical “experts” reveals that we “right wing conspiracy theorists” were correct in our assertions that a liberal agenda has been driving these lock-downs, not science. The signed letter states, “As public health advocates, we do not condemn these gatherings as risky for COVID-19 …

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Face Masks: The New Tin Foil Hats

You’ve seen the pictures of people wearing tin foil hats, and most are associated with some kind of Sci-Fi flick—a fear of extra-terrestrials being able to access or control one’s thoughts. However, did you know the original “science” behind this early 20th century movement was that it helped protect the brain from electromagnetic radiation? People …

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