Pray for Parkland, Florida

In October, I published my first post on this site; it discussed how believers should respond to the tragedy in Las Vegas. I have tried to think of some fresh and new advice to give after the heartbreaking incident in Parkland, Florida. However, as I read my post from October, I realized I wouldn’t change my advice. In times like these, people don’t need anecdotes; they need to know someone understands their questions, struggles, and fears.

If you haven’t read “Properly Responding to the Las Vegas Massacre,” you can find it here. If you have, maybe you’ll want to read it again as a reminder of how we can be an encouragement to those going through trials. What I said then, is exactly what I would say today.

Please don’t forget to pray for the families of the 17 who lost their lives, those who were wounded, and those who witnessed this horrific event. Those who survived will live with the mental and emotional scars of this experience the rest of their lives; believe me, they need your prayers. I understand that prayer can seem so inadequate in times like these, but it is a powerful force that moves the hand of God; don’t underestimate the power of prayer. You may not be able to offer comfort to these grieving people, but pray that God will lead the right people in their paths who will be a comfort, help, and blessing to them.

God bless you.

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