“Safety’s Cage”

Galatians 6:2 says, “Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ” (ESV). Unfortunately, as followers of Christ, we are too busy adding to each others’ burdens. We criticize the person inside the (metaphorical) prison instead of helping him/ her find a way out. We judge; we analyze; we criticize; and we prescribe, but we neglect the key that opens the gate -unconditional love.

The following poem has a background too deep to plumb. I have never written a poem that did not rhyme, but this is insight into my recent musings, and I wanted to share it. Perhaps you have been wounded, and you can relate to the following words. Perhaps you know someone who has been deeply hurt, and their response to your concern makes no sense; I pray these words will help give you insight into the mind of that person. The law of Christ is to love one another. He sets the example as the high priest who sympathizes with our weaknesses (Hebrews 4:15). Who can you reach out to today? Are you fulfilling the law of Christ by helping someone bear their burdens? Perhaps you know someone who could find encouragement in these words, please share them with that person, “and so fulfill the law of Christ.”

“Safety’s Cage”

I started in freedom,

Innocence was my domain,

But I quickly learned the truth about my home,

And built a cage to protect myself,

I reached out for love,

And found heartache,

So I buried love,

I reached out for acceptance,

And found rejection,

So I buried acceptance,

I reached out for companionship,

And found loneliness,

So I buried companionship,

I reached out for hope,

And found despair,

So I buried hope,

I gave love another chance,

But found ulterior motives,

I unearthed acceptance,

But conditions returned it to the ground,

I gave companionship another try,

But expectations refused it,

I sought hope again,

But disappointment turned me away,

So I sought safety,

And found it in my cage,

Here, I must sacrifice freedom,

But I am safe,

I am safe from the enemies that destroyed my innocence,

You may cast me aside,

Or judge me as rude,

But please forgive me,

For staying in my cage,

When you reach out to me,

I long to trust you,

When you call my name,

I want to answer,

When you walk away,

I scream, “NO!!! Don’t leave me here.”

I know it’s uncomfortable to stay here with me,

I may choose silence,

I may choose to scream,

And I may push you away,

But my heart begs you to remain,

I am silent because I am afraid,

I scream because of my pain,

I fight because I am wounded,

This lonely cage has been my only companion,

I have forgotten how to love and trust,

So please be patient,

Will you walk with me through the awkwardness?

Will you support me when I’m weak?

Will you pursue me when I’m distant?

And forgive me when I’m rude?

I once longed for all you offer,

I once dreamed of being loved,

But in the safety of isolation,

I lost my faith in friendship.

So I pray you’ll look beyond the weakness of my faith,

And be the friend I need,

To release me from this cage.

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