The Common Sense and Constitutional Approach to Reopening the Economy

The CDC and government are significantly over-complicating the reopening of our economy and are in no way taking Americans’ rights and liberties into consideration. Any guidelines put forth by the government should always be filtered through the freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution of the United States of America! Freedom is choice. If you take away a person’s right to choose, you’ve taken away that person’s freedom. We live in America, the land of the free, and the government shouldn’t be deciding for us.

I know there are people who protest, “Well you might be willing to make that choice or take that risk, but what about the person sitting next to you?” First of all, if that person is sitting next to me, he/ she made the same choice and took the same risk I took. Secondly, that’s what’s great about this plan; it fully opens the economy while protecting the people who do not want to chance going out.

1. Do a mass opening of the economy.

2. Have the CDC write up a disclaimer warning of the potential dangers of Covid-19. Strongly urge businesses, restaurants, and churches to post the disclaimer at all entrances notifying people that they cannot force “social distancing,” and each person must enter at his/ her own risk.

3. Suggest that all ticketing services for ballgames, concerts, theme parks, airlines etc. post a disclaimer to which the consumer must agree by clicking “agree” that states they understand the person sitting beside them could be infected with Covid-19, and they will in no way hold __________________ responsible.

4. As there is now a demand in the economy, offer government grants to businesses (grocery stores, hardware stores, retail and clothing stores, or third party companies like Uber or DoorDash etc.) for hiring drivers who will deliver—free of charge (tips appreciated)—to those who are afraid to leave their homes. This makes so much more sense than arbitrarily dumping money into an economy that is completely shutdown anyway.

5. If there is a spike in cases in a certain area, people will be notified via alerts on their phones (by the same means used for silver alerts, amber alerts, inclement weather alerts etc.), or the Weather Channel app that gives daily updates regarding the Covid-19 risk factor in your area. People will also be given the option to sign up for text and email alerts. Local news will begin each program with a report regarding the risk factor in that area. This will keep people informed of the status, and allow them to decide if the risk is worth taking.

6. If people have doctor’s appointments, they can choose to go to the appointment, request tele-health, or a “mobile-nurse” (funded by a government grant) to come to their home to take their vitals and any other tests that cannot be done via tele-health (this will be at no additional charge to the patient). Each patient that is seen at home will be tested for Covid-19. If a patient tests positive, the mobile nurse will be removed from home visits for a predetermined amount of time until he/ she has been tested for Covid-19 and confirmed negative.

7. All classrooms will be setup for live-streaming and recording. Parents who feel uncomfortable sending their children to school will have the option to live-stream the class. If the live-streaming should not work at a given time due to technical difficulties, the recording will be available online. All tests will be administered with parental supervision, and turned in digitally (the school’s IT team will be available to aid parents in this setup).

The fact is, we have lived in a society that has, for years, catered to people who don’t want to leave their homes; there is absolutely no reason we cannot do this now! This plan would give people the choice to “enter society at their own risk.” And I’m pretty confident the overwhelming majority of people would jump at this chance.

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