Face Masks: The New Tin Foil Hats

You’ve seen the pictures of people wearing tin foil hats, and most are associated with some kind of Sci-Fi flick—a fear of extra-terrestrials being able to access or control one’s thoughts. However, did you know the original “science” behind this early 20th century movement was that it helped protect the brain from electromagnetic radiation? People wore the tin foil hats because some scientific experts told them it would keep them safe from EMR. One hundred years later, a reference to tin foil hats is a derogatory term for paranoia, and a century from now, our history books will display pictures of the paranoid Americans in their 21st Century “tin foil hats”—face masks.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been germ-conscious. The measures I have always taken to avoid getting germs might be considered by some to be a little extreme, but I consider them to be cautious. Not surprisingly, when Covid-19 hit the States (at least we thought it had just hit the States), I was one of very few in Walmart with gloves and a mask—before it was a fad. However, I have always tried to look at things objectively, allowing nothing but facts and conclusive evidence to sway my decisions—Covid-19 is no exception. So, why does a former face mask proponent now predict that our generation will be mocked by the history books like the tin foil hat generation? Let’s try to look at it logically.

  1. There is no research showing that facemasks help stop the spread except among those who are symptomatic.

The WHO’s public health specialist, Dr. April Baller recently said, “If you do not have any respiratory symptoms such as fever, cough or runny nose, you do not need to wear a mask.”[i]

Dr. Fauci also stated recently on a CNN interview that masks are not “100% effective”[ii] (which is the bureaucratic way of saying they aren’t effective at all). However, he concludes that we should still wear masks because they symbolize respect for other people.

Let’s consider his reasoning. First of all, he doesn’t say we should still wear them because they’re somewhat effective—which means they’re doing absolutely nothing. Secondly, if they are ineffective, how does it show respect for other people? This could only mean one of two things:

  • It shows respect for the experts (i.e. Dr. Fauci) who were wrong about their effectiveness, but we should keep wearing them so that we look as much like idiots as they do.
  • It shows respect to those who are irrationally afraid of the virus and find the masks to be their only security blanket.

This is absurd! If your child is hiding under the covers because he is afraid of the monster in the closet, how would you handle it? Would you confirm his fear is legitimate by hiding under the covers with him? Perhaps you would say, “If hiding under the covers makes you feel better, you go right ahead and hide.” Of course you wouldn’t. You would acknowledge that you understand his fear (in spite of its irrationality). You would set the example of bravery and heroically investigate the closet, showing him there is no monster. I can validate his fear of monsters in the closet without hiding under the covers with him and encouraging him to continue the practice. Why is wearing masks any different?

“Because,” one might say, “the coronavirus is real, and the monster isn’t.” The point of the illustration above is to reveal the illogical measures people take to feel safe. If the monster was real, would hiding under the covers be any more protective than not? No. Just like wearing a mask is no more helpful against protecting ourselves or others against Covid-19. It simply gives people a false sense of security (at least that’s what Pope Fauci and Dr. Baller have concluded).

  1. Wearing a mask assumes one hasn’t gotten the virus, but research is revealing that a tremendous number of people are asymptomatic.

Take for instance the Trousdale Turner Correctional Center in Nashville, TN at which 1,300 inmates and staff tested positive for Covid-19—98% were asymptomatic.[iii] This means there are people walking around Walmart today in Darth Vader-like outfits who have already had the virus!

  1. Masks are purely psychological.

The push for masks has never been about safety; it has always been about control. Masks evoke fear and subconscious panic, and the best way to convince people to allow you to control them is to paralyze them with fear—this is exactly what the government has done with this virus and continues to do with face masks.

So here’s the deal, if masks are only effective if you have the symptoms—stay home! This is a normal and considerate practice. I have always made it a practice to stay home when I am sick, because I don’t want to infect others. We need to stop encouraging people’s irrational fears by hiding under the covers with them, and stop allowing the government to evoke fear in the American psyche. It’s time to ditch the tin foil hats and to begin actively helping people recover from this ridiculous government induced panic.


[i] https://www.foxnews.com/world/who-guidance-healthy-people-wear-masks-around-coronavirus-patients

[ii] https://www.cnn.com/2020/05/27/politics/fauci-coronavirus-wear-masks-cnntv/index.html

[iii] https://www.wvlt.tv/content/news/98-percent-of-Tennessee-inmates-asymptomatic-officials-say–570215421.html

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