Christian Rights?

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard well-meaning Christians say something to this effect, “American Christians are so concerned about their rights, but when we chose to follow Christ, we gave up those rights.” That is complete and utter foolishness.

Proverbs 29:7 says, “The godly care about the rights of the poor; the wicked don’t care at all.” Solomon points out a very obvious truth—all people, even the poor, have rights, and only wicked people do not care about those rights.

If you believe the founders taught that you have these rights because you’re an American, you need to take a few minutes and actually read the Declaration of Independence. They taught that these rights were “endowed by our Creator.” It appears these “godly” men had a much more biblical worldview than 21st century Christians—no surprise there.

Do we believe all people have rights? Of course. That’s why we fight for unborn children, fight for the oppressed, fight for human equality and against abortion, human trafficking, and prejudice.

This is why we should fight the tyrants who are forcing millions out of work, bullying churches, and desecrating our Christian values. We have a right—no, an obligation—to work and provide for our families. We have a right—no, an obligation— to show hospitality and have people in our homes. We have a right—no, an obligation—to assemble together.

As believers, we gave up our “right” to follow destructive, self-indulgent pursuits. And if you want to forfeit your God-given rights to a pagan government who promises to take God’s place as your provider and protector, that’s between you and your Creator. But don’t imply that others aren’t good Christians because they choose to live godly.

I applaud the men and women who defy these tyrants, and obey God rather than men, and I applaud the men and women who stand by their sides. You are American heroes. You are the godly people of this nation.

The only way to have our rights restored is to stand up for them, but according to Proverbs 29:7, only the godly will understand this. If you need to open your business, open it. If you want your church to start meeting again, open it. If you’re sick of wearing a mask, stop wearing it (there is no data that supports their effectiveness). If you want to show hospitality, invite your friends over. Live in the freedom of your God-given rights.

Stop letting “the wicked” who “don’t care at all” about your rights tell you what a “loving” and “virtuous” person does. The only people telling you to take one for the team are those who aren’t taking one for the team. Be godly—stand up for your rights, and if that seems a little too “selfish,” at least stand up for the rights of others.

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