The Covid-19 Deception

We’re hearing so many conflicting reports about Covid-19; how are we possibly supposed to know who to trust? What about the “rumors” floating around regarding the higher-than-expected infections exposing a rapidly declining mortality rate, or the padding of numbers of Covid-19 deaths? Is there any truth to this or are they just conspiracy theories? And what about Event 201—the event held in October of last year, largely funded by Bill Gates, in which there was a scenario played out in the event of a global Coronavirus pandemic? Oh! You haven’t heard about that? Well, you’re about to. So, let’s look at the facts and stop blindly following the “experts.”

Steve Deace said on his program yesterday that Americans have probably been lied to more in the past month than they have in their entire lives combined. I’m inclined to agree.

There were a group of people in the first century who were commended for their…wait for it…skepticism. That’s right, they were Jews from Berea who were noted as being “more noble than those in Thessalonica; they received the word with all eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so.” -Acts 17:11. The NLT translates it, “They searched the Scriptures day after day to see if Paul and Silas were teaching the truth.”

Now, I would certainly consider Paul and Silas to be “experts” in their field of study. Yet, the Bereans were commended as being “noble” because they didn’t just blindly accept the word of the “experts” but rather researched the information for themselves before coming to any conclusions. Unfortunately, people like this are becoming more and more difficult to find. Forgive me for not taking the word of “experts” who have been wrong about this virus from the very beginning.

The Stanford Findings

“The Stanford findings indicate that the virus has actually occurred in 50 to 85 times more people.

“Crucially, these figures may mean that the COVID-19 fatality rate is also 50 to 85 times lower than current data suggests.”[i] (The University of California found similar results in Los Angeles County[ii].) This means the mortality rate of Covid-19 would be between 0.12% and 0.2%-this would put the mortality rate on par with the seasonal flu. This is also assuming the Covid-19 deaths we are hearing about are actually Covid-19 related. Which brings me to my next point.

Covid-19 Death Rate Number Padding

I have to admit, when I first heard about this I was VERY SKEPTICAL. You hear about government corruption, but you don’t really want to believe it. But this seemed a little too corrupt. I’m not a conspiracy theorist in the least. I need ample facts and data before I cast my vote. Well, the facts are in, and I had to make an objective decision based on facts instead of my instinct to believe in the basic decency of human beings. Yes, Dr. Birx admitted that anyone who dies with Covid-19 in their system (even from heart disease, influenza, and even drug overdoses and car accidents [some coroners even reporting suicides and murders are also to be counted] or any other deaths unrelated to the virus) should be counted in the Covid-19 death toll per the CDC guidelines[iii] [iv]. Even with this extreme number padding, the Stanford study has found that the death rate is still on par with the flu. Unfortunately, I don’t believe we’ll ever know the true numbers, but we can be certain they are a lot lower than we are being told.

What was Event 201?

On October 18 of last year a meeting (funded largely by Bill Gates) was held in New York called Event 201. It consisted of medical professionals who were given a strange scenario. The scenario was what we would do in the event of a global pandemic in which a strand of Coronavirus was transmitted from bats to pigs to people and then became efficiently transmissible from person to personin the community setting by people with mild symptoms. In the scenario, there was no possibility of a vaccine within the first year, but there was an antiviral drug that could help the sick but not stop the spread. The number of cases increased exponentially, and the economic and societal consequences became increasingly severe. The scenario ends at the 18-month mark but would continue at some rate until there was an effective vaccine[v].

Does this all sound eerily familiar? Yeah, again, this was played out in October of last year. Though you’ll find the reference to this below, I thought it necessary to post the link to the Event 201 website in my actual article, which can be found at

Why the Deception

It’s apparent Steve Deace is right, we have certainly been deceived. But why? Why can we not get a straight answer from anyone? What do people have to gain from all of this? We may never know the answers to these questions, but we should be looking at all the data, all the facts, and coming to our own conclusions rather than believing that finite and non-omniscient “experts” have all the answers. Truly and open-mindedly contemplate this question—Why are doctors who have the boldness to go against conventional wisdom being silenced, not scoffed or made fun of as loons for being conspiracy theorists, not being sued for medical malpractice, or disproven with facts, but silenced, removed from platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter? Because everyone knows the key to winning an argument without facts is to silence the opponent.

I’m not telling you to think like me or take what I say at face value. Don’t take my word for it. I’ve actually given you references to consider (not unreliable models and charts), and I urge you to look at them, pour over the facts, and come to your own conclusions. Then do something about it. Don’t just sit idly and let the government take care of you. If you believe this thing is legit, give to the causes that are trying to find a cure. Stop going to the grocery store. Stop ordering things off of Amazon. Stop streaming Netflix and Hulu. Because, if every life really matters to you, the lives of those who work behind the scenes—those keeping shelves stocked, supplies delivered, and streaming services running—matter too. If you think this thing is a farce, stand up for your God—given rights; expose the lies and share this post with others. Use the tools you have available to actively pursue something. In the words of Edmund Burke, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” So, do something!

And in all your doing, don’t forget to take advantage of every opportunity to serve those who have lost so much during this shutdown. People are going hungry and losing their livelihood. Let’s not forget to support those people, as we are able, during this time (1 Timothy 6:17-19). My prayer is that this will ultimately bring out the best in people because I still believe God can bring good from evil.






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